ABJZ40C Drum mixing pump common failure trouble shooting

Common faults are divided into system faults and component faults. System faults are caused by component faults. For repairs, contact the professional engineers in the mall.

1. The main pumping system common fault

a.The main oil cylinder no-action

1.Pumping start button wiring off.

2.Intermediate relay KA1 burned

3.Electro-hydraulic valve failure, usually pilot valve stuck or solenoid wire YV3, YV4 burned.

4.Hydraulic oil in the tank is too little

5.Filter severe blockage

b.The master cylinder can not turning.

1.Electro-hydraulic valve spool stuck.

2.Electro-hydraulic valve magnet coil YV3, YV4 burned.

3.Intermediate relay burned

c.The master cylinder piston is running slow and weakness

1.Master cylinder one way valve damage.

2.Hydraulic oil filter is clogged or oil not enough

3.Hydraulic oil in the tank is too little.

4.High-level pumping up the oil is not timely operation, closed chamber master cylinder hydraulic oil reduction, shortening the trip.

d.Duct discharge conditions are not good:intermittent discharge or less discharge

1.Concrete piston badly worn

2.Glasses, plates and cutting ring gap is too large.

3.Poor workability of concrete material, causing inhalation difficulties.

4.S valve blockage.

e.The dispensing valve swing is not in place

Swing cLubricants undesirable, viscosity, can not pass the filter.

ylinder nylon bearing wear, deformation or inconsistent thickness. In the swing cylinder nylon bearing adjustment shims underneath or replacement.

f.Distribution valve arm end drain mortar

“S” pipe small end waterproof dust ring deformation or excessive bearing wear, big gap. Removable inspection.

2. The lubrication system common faults

(1) Oil separator valve is stuck, regular cleaning progressive division circuit.

(2) The lubrication pump outlet check valve failure, check and replace.

(3) Lubrication system relief valve failure, inspectors and replacement.

(4) Lubricants undesirable, viscosity, can not pass the filter.

(5) lubricating oil passage blocked. Usually,dispensing valve at the big end bearing lubrication points.

3. Pump mixing system common faults

(1) poor workability of concrete material, large stirring resistance or stirring blade is jammed.

(2) Stirring relief valve set pressure is not enough. Stir with a wooden blade stuck, the pressure at 12MPa.

(3) Hydraulic motor damage. Examination, if necessary, replaced.

(4) Mixing system gear pump damage. Check and replace.

(5) Manual valve operating lever pulling or failure. So move the spool valve is not in place.

(6) The mixing shaft or sleeve damage. Need to clean up and maintenance.

4. Common Start failure

(1)The site voltage is too low, you should re-connect power or replace the power contacts.

(2)the electromagnetic relief valve stuck, should be excluded from catching.

5. Main electrical and hydraulic component failure

a. Intermediate relay

Failure is generally coil burning ring or contact burn, it can not be normally close, disengaged.

b. Electromagnet

Electromagnet burn or poor contact

c. Proximity switches

(1) Bottom-stick oil, resulting in ineffective induction

(2) The gap is too large, resulting in the induction ineffective

(3) The water temperature is too high, resulting in malfunction, S valve chaotic pendulum

(4) Completely damaged, no induction, or always in the ON state

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