How to choose a concrete mixing plant?

1. Selection of mixing host. According to the performance label of the construction concrete, decide what kind of mixing host to choose. For water conservancy projects, a forced mixing host must be selected. In addition, the batching station and storage bin should be selected according to the type of concrete that can be stirred.

2. Selection of engineering concrete mixing station specifications. According to the task of construction concrete and its construction period, choose the size of the mixing station. Let the total concrete task amount be M; the number of concrete pouring days is T; the number of working hours per day is H; the utilization factor is K; the specification of the mixing station should be X = M / T * H * K, where K is 7-0.9. In the selection, the transportation condition of the finished concrete should also be considered. Such as: direct pumping or vehicle transportation. The volume of the conveying vehicle is also an important basis for determining the type of the mixing station.

3. The construction environment and construction objects are also factors that affect the selection of the engineering concrete mixing station. Full consideration should be given to the impact of the construction object and the construction environment to ensure smooth construction and construction quality. When the amount of pouring at one time on the construction site is large (more than 12 hours according to the optional mixing), the quality of the pieces is high, and there is no reinforcement mixing station nearby, it is best to choose two mixing stations with smaller specifications. Or, one master and one pair of dual-machine preparation; when the construction site is inconvenient and maintenance personnel need to spend a lot of time in and out of the construction site, it is best to choose a dual-machine station with the same smaller specifications, or prepare sufficient spare parts to ensure construction progress Smooth; when the construction sites are scattered, but the distance between the construction sites is not too far, the transportation radius of the concrete truck does not exceed half an hour, and the dump truck does not exceed 10 minutes. It is best to use multi-station centralized mixing to improve the utilization rate of the mixing station and the economic benefits of construction.

4. Equipment configuration. Even if the concrete mixing station equipment of the same manufacturer and the same model, the price of different configurations is different, users should choose the configuration according to their needs when buying. When you buy the configuration, you must think clearly and follow the purchase that suits you, so as not to cause economic waste.

5. Operator quality. Generally speaking, the small mixing plant has a simpler structure and a simpler control system. The original requirements for operating and maintenance personnel are low. The larger stations have complex structures and high levels of automation, so they also place high demands on operators. So you should consider this factor in addition to the previous factors when you buy a mixing plant.

For simple concrete mixing stations, the overall equipment price is much cheaper, because different configurations, many configurations are omitted. However, cement weighing must not be omitted. It is more accurate and efficient to configure independent water weighing. Water metering can be used without mixing the water weighing system, but there are great hidden dangers. A separate water weighing system is not applicable, which can reduce part of the investment of a simple mixing station; the disadvantage is that it is not suitable to add water to the mixing cylinder with the water weighing system, and a time node can be used to add water to the mixing cylinder at a set time interval , But increased the time of adding water and forced concrete mixer, will also cause the concrete model to be unstable. It can be seen that although not using a water weighing system can save some investment, it will increase the mixing time of concrete and affect the stability of concrete, so customers can choose according to their own circumstances.
When purchasing concrete mixing plant should focus on quality and output, can not choose bad configuration because of reducing costs, this will seriously affect future production efficiency and profitability. The most economical and effective choice of concrete mixing station equipment can avoid unnecessary economic waste. When choosing a model, do not pursue the best, but should pursue the most suitable and meet your needs, because this choice is the most economical and most effective.

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