How to Find Reliable Automatic Cement Block Machine Suppliers

An automatic cement block machine is a piece of industrial equipment that can rapidly accelerate the productivity of your brick manufacturing business. When you invest in automatic machines, you can start producing thousands of blocks an hour on a continuous basis. You can also reduce wage bills as automatic machines do not require large teams of manual laborers for operation.

While cement block making machines with the most advanced automation levels require a substantial investment, they also have the potential to generate huge returns. What’s more, block making machines that are computer-controlled are able to produce bricks of the highest quality with exceptional consistency rates.

If your brick manufacturing business is not yet ready to make the investment required for a fully automatic block maker, you might like the know that there are a range of semi-automatic block making machines now available. Semi-automatic models require fewer workers than their manual counterparts and can produce bricks at a rate approaching that of some of the cheapest fully automatic models.

Cement Hollow Block Making Machine

Specifications to take note of when looking at different automatic cement block machines include cycle time, weight, power, vibration force, vibration frequency, pallet size, dimensions, hydraulic pressure, and hourly output rate. Of course, it is also important to look at the price tag.

Services From The Best Wholesale Cement Block Machine Suppliers

1. Pre-sales Services
Before you agree to purchase a block machine from a supplier, they should be able to provide you with expert advice about the pros and cons of all the different models they have for sale. They should also be able to carry out a cost analysis on your business plan and help you to choose the required equipment for your factory. All pre-sales services should be offered for free without any obligation to make a purchase. Never allow yourself to feel pressured to purchase a block making machine that is not entirely suitable for brick manufacturing business.

2. In-sale Service
During the in-sales service, you should be offered guidance on assembly, installation, and commissioning of your machine. You should also receive training on machine operations and advice about getting the best out of your equipment. Many suppliers will send expert engineers out to your factory to help with the machine setup and operator training.

concrete block machine

3. After-sales Services
After-sales services are something that many buyers forget to appreciate the importance of until it is too late. Some of the types of things included should be a one-year warranty on your brick making machine and lifetime service. You should also be provided with assistance for optimal block formulation recipes and have no issue acquiring any spare parts for your machine. Different block molds are just one example of an additional part you might want to acquire for your machine in the future.

When you choose the best vendor to purchase a brick making machine from, you can take advantage of the best customers service and technical support packages. Don’t settle for inexperienced dealers who don’t know anything about the machines they are trying to sell.

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