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  • Becoming a Concrete Pumper: Line Concrete Pump or Boom?

    The innovative generation of having a hydraulic boom for correctly and efficiently striking concrete appears to be the sort of innovation that might render Line Concrete Pumps out of date, but no longer slightly. Here are some things you should consider sooner than deciding on what pump you need to buy. When you’re planning on getting into the business of being a concrete pumper you’re going to wish to just remember to can repay your capital costs in an affordable amount of time. You wish to consider the prices of your capital equipment. This implies necessarily the cost of your pump truck. For those who don’t have the cash on hand to simply purchase a truck that ranges from tens to hundreds of heaps of dollars, then you definitely’re going to have to seem into financing. Should you’re in a position to get a financial institution to loan you the money, just remember to have an excellent marketing strategy prepared. Make sure that you make the most of any govt help that helps small businesses achieve capital equipment as a…

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  • Straw carbonization industry favored by capital, promising prospects

    During the two sessions this year, Zhao Lixin, a deputy to the National People ’s Congress and deputy director of the Ministry of Agriculture ’s Planning and Design Institute, said that the technology of straw carbonization and soil improvement in China has reached the internationally advanced level and has achieved 10,000-ton scale industrialization applications. The solution to the problem of comprehensive utilization of straw provides a good method that is environmentally friendly, high in science and technology, and has great market prospects. Carbonization and recycling should be put into the national strategy for the development of green agriculture. Significant strategic significance. In recent years, due to the significant economic and social benefits of the straw carbon fertilizer project, it has attracted key support from social capital such as the China Development Bank, financial institutions, national industrial funds, provincial industrial funds, and special funds for poverty alleviation. On May 1, Fu Xingguo, Vice President of Sanju Environmental Protection, a key environmental protection company in the country, revealed that in 2018, the straw carbon fertilizer project entered a construction peak. On the…

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