What To Specify When Buying A Container Gantry Crane

When purchasing a container gantry crane, you will need to specify the lifting capacity, height, width, and style of the crane. Once you provide that information, the manufacturer or supplier can help match you up with the ideal crane.

There is certain information that you will need to specify when purchasing a container gantry crane from a supplier. The manufacturer or company that you are buying the crane from needs to know this information so that they can sell you a crane that is appropriate for your needs.

Arguably, one of the most important specifications for the crane is its lifting capacity. This is a measure of how much weight the crane can safely lift off of the ground. Container gantry cranes are usually capable of lifting extremely heavy loads weighing multiple tons.

When deciding on a lifting capacity for your crane, consider the weight of the heaviest items that you plan on lifting. When you place your order, you can then use this figure to specify the maximum lifting capacity that you require.

RMG40.5T Rail Mounted Container Gantry Crane

The wheels on the crane are also important to consider. Most container gantry cranes have metal wheels and run on tracks. However, there are rubber-tired models available, as well. Both types of tires have advantages and disadvantages. Consider learning a little bit more about them to see which style is the most appropriate for your situation.

Next up is the height of the crane. Container cranes are usually quite tall so that they can stack containers on top of each other. When deciding on a height, determine how many containers you want to be able to stack. This will help you calculate the total crane height that you require. If you aren’t sure how tall the crane needs to be, you can always work that information out with the supplier when you go to place your order.

The span or width of the crane is another important consideration. The span is the total distance between the two legs. When calculating the width, remember that the trolley doesn’t travel all the way to the end of the girder. Instead, there is a special device that stops it a short distance from the outer edge of the crane. Keep that in mind when specifying the width that you need. Don’t measure the width based on the distance between the legs. Instead, measure it based on the total width that the trolley is capable of traveling.

When you contact a manufacturer or supplier, have all of this information ready. Specifying exactly what you need from the start will make it easier for them to match you up with the perfect container gantry crane.

Remember, as well, that you can always ask for help from the supplier when choosing a crane. Most of the time, they will be willing to send a representative to your location so that they can help you figure out the exact crane specifications that you require. Getting advice and guidance from an expert is one of the best ways to ensure that you are buying the right crane.

When purchasing a container gantry crane, you will need to specify the lifting capacity, height, width, and style of the crane. Once you provide that information, the manufacturer or supplier can help match you up with the ideal crane.


A Brief Overview Of Available Container Gantry Cranes

Obtaining a container gantry crane made transform your business in a positive way. These are also referred to as a ship to shore cranes, typically position right next to a dock. They are designed to load and unload what is called intermodal containers. They are designed to be stacked, shipped, and loaded by these cranes that are designed for this purpose. Some of these are large enough to traverse large areas, such as those that can travel along a predesigned track. They are also equipped with something called a spreader. This is what connects to the locking points on the container so that it can be lifted and lowered. If you need to find one that can be used at your place of business, this is what you need to look for.

Different Types Of These Container Gantry Cranes

There are a couple of different types that you may want to purchase. Some are referred to as a high profile crane. These are the ones you will see adjacent to the water on a dock. The others are called low-profile which are used to load and unload ships. The sizes can vary significantly, yet all of them are going to be extremely large. There are small straddle carriers and those that are called super-post cranes that have a very long telescopic spreader.

RMG Rail Mounted Container Gantry Crane

How To Find The Businesses That Offer These For Sale

The ones that are currently for sale from various companies will all have very similar products. They may not have all of the different sizes, but they certainly function in the same way. You can choose one based upon their size. If you want to, you can compare companies based upon the reputation. There are likely a couple of businesses that are used more than others. You may need one that can be built with an outreach that can handle 25 containers rose. If you have a smaller business, you could get something smaller. Searching on websites that advertise industrial products is likely the best decision to make.

Different Ways To Contact These Businesses

If you want to contact these businesses, it’s very easy to do. Their websites will contain their contact information and they will also be on the advertisements. You will soon have the ability to choose from what could be the exact container gantry crane that you need. Once shipped, it may take a few weeks to set up, but it’s really going to help accelerate your company’s ability to load and unload vessels.

These are among the largest of all gantry cranes that are produced. Lifting and lowering containers is going to require a sizable unit. The capacity of their lifting capabilities will be described on their website, and you may also see reviews that other people have done. Once you have your quotes back, you will only have to wait a few weeks to receive this product once you have made your purchase with a reputable business. If you are ready to invest in one of these exceptional units, you now know how to find the top container gantry cranes on the market today.

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