Working Mechanism For Pulp Moulding Machine

A pulp molding machine is a vital tool that actually works to make a number of storage trays for your transporation and storage of either egg, fruits, and coffee cups.

A pulp molding machine is a vital tool that actually works to make a number of storage trays for your transporation and storage of either egg, fruits, and coffee cups. The entire plant comprises of other smaller machines that really work in sync to guarantee production gets achieved based on the standards. The pulp used in cases like this may come from waste paper and wood, according to what has got to get produced. The machines take the materials through a series of four complete stages. Below is detailed information on these processes.

Pulp Moulding Machine

Pulp Making.

This the first stage of the tray making process. The pulp making system involves a water pool along with a pulp beater. The types of materials get combined with water inside the appropriate proportions, and therefore the pulp beater really helps to create the mixture consistent. Although nothing much goes on here, this stage is fairly crucial mainly because it determines the caliber of the conclusion product. Based on the sort of trays, the mix can either be thin or thick. The paper absorbs water for the maximum, then mixing follows. Extra water gets drained before proceeding to another stage. Additives and pigmentation addition follows if needed, then lastly, there exists refining.

Molding Stage.

The molding phase may be the second stage of production. After pulp formation, the types of materials get conveyed for the molding system through pipes. It is actually at this point where the shapes form based on the available demands. The forming takes place with aid from molds. The molding system comes with an air compressor, a vacuum pump, and the main molding machine. The pulp gets poured around the patterns, and through the help of the vacuum, it attaches to the design. When they stick, the environment gets blown to discharge them from the equipment. A cleaning device will then splash water on the items for cleaning so that it is ready for the next production. It can be at this time that the operator can determine the quantity superiority production.

Drying Stage.

However, there was the removal of excess water, the pulp still retains some, and thus, the trays will need to go using a drying system before they are ready for usage. Depending on the variety of products, you may opt for one of the three drying methods. The first one is natural drying, which happens under the sun. Another two are brick and metal drying line with conveyors, and they assist power from either gas or diesel. The items will throughout the heat until completely dry.


The packaging phase is definitely the last stage of your egg tray production line. Around this level, the trays are super dry, and they can undergo compressing. It can help to take out any air trapped within the paper as well as to provide for the stacking. Once squeezing is over, the trays are packed and prepared for shipment towards the respective clients.

The pulp molding machine is fairly economical considering that the raw materials are affordable and readily accessible. Also, it works on an eco-friendly mechanism because it recycles waste materials.

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